Creating Repository Users

Creating Repository Users and Groups

You can create a repository user profile for everyone working in the repository, each with a separate user name and password. You can also create user groups and assign each user to one or more groups. Then, grant repository privileges to each group, so users in the group can perform tasks within the repository (such as use the Designer or create workflows).

The repository user profile is not the same as the database user profile. While a particular user might not have access to a database as a database user, that same person can have privileges to a repository in the database as a repository user.

Informatica tools include two types of security:

Privileges. Repository-wide security that controls which task or set of tasks a single user or group of users can access.

Permissions. Security assigned to individual folders within the repository.

PowerCenter uses the following privileges:

Use Designer

Browse Repository

Use Repository Manager

Use Workflow Manager

Workflow Operator

Administer Repository

Administer Server

Super UserYou can perform various tasks for each privilege. Privileges depend on your group membership. Every repository user belongs to at least one group. For example, the user who administers the repository belongs to the Administrators group. By default, you receive the privileges assigned to your group. While it is most common to assign privileges by group, the repository administrator, who has either the Super User or Administer Repository privilege, can also grant privileges to individual users.

An administrator can perform the following tasks

Create groups.

Assign privileges to groups.

Create users and assign them to groups.

In the following steps, you will perform the following tasks:

1. Connect to the repository as an Administrator. If necessary, ask your administrator for the user name and password. Otherwise, ask your administrator to complete the lessons in this chapter for you.

2. Create a group called Group1. To do this, you need to log in to the repository as the


3. Assign privileges to the Group1 group.

4. Create a new user.

Connecting to the Repository

To perform the following tasks, you need to connect to the repository. If you are already

connected to the repository, disconnect and connect again to log in as the Administrator.

Otherwise, ask your administrator to perform the tasks in this chapter for you.

To connect to the Repository,

1. Launch the Repository Manager.

A list of all repositories appears in the Navigator.

2. Double-click on ur repository .

3. Enter the repository user name and password for the Administrator user. Click Connect.

The dialog box expands to enter additional information.

4. Enter the host name and port number needed to connect to the repository database.

5. Click Connect.

You are now connected to the repository as the Administrator user.


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